Which Companies Offer CRM Certification

There are several reasons why a business might want CRM certifications, including:

  • It Demonstrates Competence: certifications demonstrate a business is competent in implementing and using the CRM software and a commitment to continuous development and ensuring they stay up-to-date with all the latest CRM trends and best practices.
  • It Improves Customer Experience: when a business has one or more CRM certifications, it helps them better understand how the software can improve customer engagement and experience. This leads to more customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.
  • It Enhances Credibility: CRM certification boosts a business’s reputation and credibility and gives customers confidence that the business is knowledgeable and can manage customer interactions and relationships.
  • It Gives Them a Competitive Advantage: CRM-certified businesses tend to have the edge over those that aren’t certified and can typically offer their customers much more effective and advanced solutions. This puts them above the rest and makes them stand out.

Plenty of companies offer CRM certification, and these are some of the best, all offering entry-level and advanced certification options:

  1. Salesforce: Salesforce offers several certifications in various areas of CRM, including sales, service, marketing, and commerce. Their certifications include Salesforce Certified Administrator, Certified Cloud Accountant, Certified Developer, and more. These certifications are globally recognized and incredibly valuable in today’s job market.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics 365: Microsoft provides certifications in sales, customer service, marketing, and finance, including Dynamics 365 Customer Service Functional Consultant Associate, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant Associate, and Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate. They are for professionals who use Dynamics 365 CRM systems and can help individuals advance through the Dynamics ecosystem.
  3. HubSpot: HubSpot is a leading CRM software solution that provides marketing, sales, and customer service tools. They offer a range of certifications, including HubSpot Inbound Certification, HubSpot Content Marketing Certification, and HubSpot Sales Software Certification, among others, to help an individual validate their expertise and knowledge in specific areas of HubSpot CRM. These certifications can be obtained by passing one or more certification exams.
  4. Zoho: Zoho is another popular CRM software solution that provides sales, marketing, and customer service tools. Zoho offers a range of certifications, including Certified Administrator, Certified Consultant, and SalesIQ Certified Consultant.
  5. Oracle: Oracle offers several CRM software solutions, including Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, and Oracle Marketing Cloud, and certifications include Oracle Sales Cloud Consultant, Oracle Marketing Cloud Consultant, and Oracle CPQ Cloud Service Consultant. These certifications help validate knowledge and expertise in certain areas of the Oracle CRM system and are considered valuable in the marketplace.
  6. SAP: SAP is another company with various CRM software solutions, including SAP Service Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Marketing Cloud. They offer certifications in all areas of its CRM software, including SAP Certified Application Associate for both Sales and Service Cloud, SAP Certified Application Associate for Marketing Cloud, and SAP Certified Application Associate for Commerce Cloud Developer.
  7. SugarCRM: SugarCRM is a popular open-source CRM software solution that provides sales, marketing, and customer service tools. It offers several certifications, including SugarCRM Certified Developer, SugarCRM Certified Sales Professional, and SugarCRM Certified Solution Architect.
  8. Adobe: Adobe offers different CRM solutions and several certifications, such as Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer, Adobe Campaign Developer, And Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner. These certifications are designed for people invested in using Adobe CRM Cloud and require at least one exam to be passed.
  9. Pegasystems: Pegasystems offers a popular CRM software solution with sales automation, customer service, and marketing automation tools. Their certifications include Pega Certified Senior Systems Architect (CSSA), Pega Certified Business Architect (CBA), and Pega Certified Marketing Consultant (CPMC).
  10. Act! Software: Act! Software offers contact management, sales automation tools, and certifications in all areas of its CRM software solution. This includes ACT! Certified Consultant, ACT!Premier Developer, ACT! Premier Web Developer and ACT! Premier Cloud Consultant.
  11. Freshworks: Freshworks provides CRM software solutions encompassing customer relationships, marketing campaigns, and sales pipeline. They also offer several certifications, including Freshworks Certified Sales Specialist, Freshworks Certified Platform Developer, and Freshworks Certified Support Specialist. These are designed for professionals who use Freshworks CRM every day and want to validate their expertise and knowledge.
  12. Insightly: Another very popular CRM Software solutions provider, Insightly offers sales pipeline, project management, customer relationship, and other tools. They also offer a few certifications designed for those using Insghtly CRM software, including Insightly Certified Consultant, Insightly Certified CAdministrator, and Insightly Certified Sales Professional.
  13. Infusionsoft by Keap: Infusionsoft by Keap provides CRM and marketing automation solutions, offering email campaign, sales automation, and customer relationship tools. Their certifications are specific to Infusionsoft and include Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Infusionsoft Certified Marketing Automation Expert, and Infusionsoft Certified Consultant.
  14. Copper: Copper used to be known as ProsperWorks, and it offers a well-known CRM software solution that includes project management, sales pipelines, and customer relationship tools. They also offer several certifications, such as Copper Certified Administrator, Copper Certified Marketing Professional, and Copper Certified Sales Professional. Individuals taking these certifications can demonstrate their knowledge of the Copper systems they work on.
  15. bpm’online: bpm’online is a cloud-based CRM software solution offering customer service automation, marketing, and sales tools. Their certifications cover all areas of their software, including bpm’online Certified Developer, bpm’online Certified Sales Professional, and bpm’online Certified Service Professional.
  16. Agile CRM: Last but by no means least is Agile, which offer cloud-based CRM software solutions, along with marketing campaign, sales pipeline, and customer relationship tools. Their certifications are aimed at Agile CRM professionals and include Agile Certified Sales Professional, Agile Certified Administrator, and Agile Certified Developer.

It’s important to understand that you can only take a certification if you use the relevant software, i.e., you can only take Agile certifications if you use the Agile CRM software.

Every company offers different levels of certification, so make sure you understand exactly what you want and choose the right one that aligns with your interest and goals.